Feel great therapies and natural healing are the lifestyle mantras of the new millennium. Asia leads the way in the back-to-nature market, reviving many of its historical methods and therapies that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Swedish Massage in Pune is the most common and best-known type of massage. It involves long, fluid strokes of muscles and tissues with the stress that varies from light to medium to firm. This kind of Swedish Massage in PCMC is considered to be one of the most soothing styles. According to your sensitivity and preference your Swedish massage therapists will adjust the pressure.

At MERAKILOUS STUDIO, many of our stimulating Swedish Massage in Pune has evolved from these historical recipes from Thailand drawing on a historical native tradition of treatment and elegance. We focus specifically on stress-busting therapies, running the gamut from the various kinds of Swedish Massage in PCMC to full beauty treatments and scrubs, facials, soothing herbal steam baths and healthy tonics all through the magical hands of our well qualified, softly-spoken spa therapist.

The core philosophy of Thai traditional medicine revolves around the balance between the four basic elements - earth, water, wind and fire - which comprise the essence of life and appear as our recurrent themes.

MERAKILOUS STUDIO offers authentic Swedish Massage in Pune using indigenous organic herbs and natural aromatic oils, in the ambience designed with unique Thai charms, allowing you to engage in the world-famous Thai spa experience.

Lomi Lomi Massage which is used in massage parlours and spa as a traditional type of massage. Many of strokes are used in this massage by the therapist as per the evaluation of patient’s actual, emotional and psychological issue. This massage type heals, relaxes and balances the energy level in the human body for a healthy life. This massage is known as most of the typical and popular treatment which gives you psychological and mental wellness. Human body and mind are linked to each other, so great health only combination of mind and body.

Now in this modern age, every people are suffering from a different kind of physical and mental problem like body pain, stress, depression and headache. Medication only gives relief for a brief period of the time period but it is not a permanent remedy. Lomi Lomi Massage treatment therapies are the perfect remedy to improve mind and body strengthening. This massage totally depends on the ability and experience of therapists. The only well-experienced therapist understands the issue and need of customers and it’s their responsibility to apply treatment accordingly. This therapy is now counted as luxurious treatment. This Lomi Lomi Massage based on healing the cells and only an expert can do a better job. It balances the energy level in the body.

It is a conventional way of Lomi Lomi Massage in which natural oils are used. This massage basically Hawaii’s conventional kinds of treatment but now it become so much popular due to its value and advantages. It’s become typical massage kind in a massage parlour and clients are also like to use it. It is the best way to get a well and healthy body. Pain and stress are so typical in this life but Swedish Massage in PCMC can quickly avoid this issue. Many people’s are taking advantage of this Lomi Lomi Massage and also get off from their physical and mental problems. Massage treatment therapies (SPA) are the best way of treatments.

Swedish Massage in Pune is one of the most incredible experiences one can ever have. They not only advantage well being, but Full Body Massage is also rich with triggering motions and methods that help us heal, repair and revitalize the lost power of our muscle tissue and cells.

Full Body Massage at MERAKILOUS STUDIO is done in a quiet private room, away from the demands of the city and your tensions. Our qualified professional therapists for Swedish Massage in PCMC make sure that each touch has a treatment effect on your individual body and ultimately, deliver you the satisfaction of a soothing experience that you have paid for.

Our every Full Body Massage is customized to each customer's needs. A short consultation is done at the beginning of each customer's service, whenever. During which, we will discuss stress preferred, medical concerns/issues, and the preferred together with your support. If whenever you want during the massage you would like to change stress preferred, please be sure to express your needs to the Therapist. The goal is for each customer to enjoy the support provided whenever.

Forget your busy day-to-day life and get in touch with yourself at a calming, stress-free MERAKILOUS STUDIO spa. Escape and de-stress your tired, aching muscles while experiencing the endless advantages of a continuous Full Body Massage regimen. Come and enjoy true relaxation at your spa getaway— MERAKILOUS STUDIO!