These days, facial treatments are very common. You can get different kinds of facial treatments (or facials) at cosmetic beauty parlours, fitness gyms. There are facials for men and women. The cost varies from a modest sum to tremendous, incredible amounts. Since there are no industry requirements, it is difficult to know whether the therapy you get is giving you good value or whether somebody is taken you for a ride. Most people don't even know whether they need an All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in Pune or how often these need to be done so they can really deliver what they promise.
Dry, greasy, aging, irregular, delicate, and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with personalized facial treatment. After a thorough consultation, your skin specialist will offer the best combination of All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in Pune and design a customized treatment that will move your skin toward stability and reveal its natural beauty. Stress, diet and daily environmental aggressors trigger instability in the whole body that can lead to acne, understanding, dry skin, premature aging and pain. Recovery for your skin is possible, starting with an appointment for All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in Pune with one of our spa therapists, who will customize a course of action for you based on the Bioline philosophy of research and style.
Rejuvenate your face with our All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in Pune and accomplish stability with particularly, items and home-care that are right for you.
All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in PCMC are recommended every week or monthly basis to obtain and keep optimal outcomes. Your skin specialist will develop a comprehensive Natural Facial treatment plan designed to meet your individual expectations and needs.

All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in PCMC are an excellent way to revitalize dried-out skin, as well as have a proper and balanced shine. We are regularly pushed to keep skin healthier, nurtured and youthful in appearance by our environment, lifestyle and everyday pressures. All of our Natural Facial includes cleansing, skin analysis, peeling of dead cells and limited skin pore extractions. Our specialist will select the items to best deal with your kinds of skin.
To deal with these circumstances, please allow our knowledgeable estheticians to develop a personalized All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in PCMC to help protect your skin through careful, thoughtful analysis and Natural Facial.

• Charcoal Facials

The attractiveness benefits of charcoal have been in the spotlight lately. Many skincare brands, from affordable drugstore products to professional grade and organic ones, have been developing different items using charcoal for its powerful quality to whiten and brighten your skin. Charcoal Facial PCMC has been used for centuries in beauty regimens. Lately, cosmetic beauty parlours have been catching up and developing methods to incorporate charcoal in their facials. Charcoal Facial Pune is now one of the best-selling services at spas and beauty parlours.

The primary benefit of Charcoal Facial Pune for your skin is its unmatched consumption capability. Basically, Charcoal Facial PCMC has an intense capability to absorb toxins, septic bacteria, and harmful substances from the skin’s layers, bringing them to the surface for consumption by Charcoal Facial PCMC. Charcoal Facial Pune is impressive in absorbing oil, therefore making it the best option for porous, oily skin.

• Chocowine Facials

Chocolate and wine have always topped the list of the most sinful things craved for in the world. The Chocowine Facial Pune now brings to you a positive concoction of these sinful components. While wine, with its rich natural anti-oxidant properties, helps neutralize toxins, chocolate provides nutrition to your skin. When combined, Chocowine Facial PCMC help slow down the ageing of your skin and give it a healthy natural glow Chocowine Facial Pune reduces wrinkles from your skin by increasing moisturising and smoothing effects. Chocowine Facial Pune transports oxygen deep into your epidermis layer for a fresh and radiant look. Chocowine Facial PCMC maintains the glow of facial skin. Chocowine Facial PCMC works wonderfully to hydrate and repair skin; giving face more shine and luster.

Waxing is a fast, efficient way to remove hair that will feel closer and better than any cut. For men and women, a wax service will also last longer than shaving and is ideal for shaping eyebrows perfectly or covering large or hard-to-reach places for a perfectly smooth finish.

Our professional Estheticians are knowledgeable in Waxing hair removal including full body Waxing. Understanding your needs, we will help you accomplish your required outcomes with a variety of very high quality, professional use only waxes. In fact, many of our customers have revealed a greater reduction in hair growth with our waxes as compared to other expert beauty parlours. At our Merakilous studio, we are regularly getting advanced training programs to keep on top of the latest wax methods techniques. This leads to fewer bumps and irritation for our customers and our expertise allows us to recommend the best and most effective after wax care products. We even have items to help with whitening in problems places such as underarms and bikini areas!
We are experts in bikini areas waxing and offer the very popular “Brazilian” wax for women. Our knowledgeable and skilled Estheticians will explain to you the various options and walk you through the entire Waxing process making sure all of your questions are answered.

Merakilous studio is the premier Threading salon in Pune. Our Natural Facial Artists are extremely precise and our customers leave with ideal eye-brows every time! Removing unwanted facial hair Threading is a unique way. Threading is an ancient Indian technique and is particularly useful in forming and shaping eye-brows to give you that ideal posture. Threading can even act like a mini-face lift. It is quick, less painful, & much less expensive then brow wax.

Your hands and feet get special attention here. Our Manicure and pedicure services are developed to recover hands and feet to their natural state of beauty through the application of rich creams, exfoliating scrubs and massage. Nails are then refined to excellence. This Manicure and pedicure will feature nail trimming and filing to a preferred length and shape, followed by cuticle care and a gentle buff to ensure a permanent mani. A calming Manicure and pedicure massage is also included. After then using classic nail polish Nails will be polished and left to dry. This Manicure and pedicure will last up to one week.

Merakilous studio is designed to offer our customers a wonderful All Facial (Basic and Advance) Treatment in PCMC. These are our services that we think you should stop by the Merakilous studio.