Girls and women can spend hours creating nails wonderful and still they would have some or the other things to do with them. Some would rub a nail file for making them either very sleek or to provide them with a sharp shape. There are some who would bless them with nail colour or art. There are certain creative minds that are experienced enough for making an attractive design with colours and even sparkles. Some girls and women also adore going for silk wrap for that extra glow and level of smoothness. There are another lot of women who love acrylic overlays.

No matter what a woman does to her nail it is very important to take a very good care of them. There are women who hold skills in looking after for nails. For those who are confused about the same, Basic Nail Art Service in PCMC and Acrylic Nail Art are there to their save. This Basic Nail Art Service in PCMC is built with today's technology and willing to offer your nails the shape and gloss that you’ve always wanted. With their cheap pedicure prices and affordable manicure cost, these beauty parlours are visited by women, particularly before any special occasion or gatherings for Gel Nail Art. You are different. Being unique comes naturally to you. You prefer making statements without saying a word. And love experiencing fashionable nails that let you stand out, wherever you are.

Welcome to Merakilous Studio; popular and unique lifestyle salon for hand/feet care and eyelash services, Nail Extension and Acrylic Nail Art that are known to present the coolest and most fashionable affairs in nails and lashes, that enhance your efforts to stay bespoke.Merakilous Studio offers a variety of Basic Nail Art Service in Pune for all levels using the best nail products on the market. We are extremely pleased to be the recognized Acrylic Nail Art service provider among the clients and students and we constantly seek out new and remarkable Nail Extension services and products to improve our salon.

In Merakilous Studio, the clients resting their minds and letting our experts decorate their hands and legs. Customers are free to browse and choose from the latest nails magazines or from our gallery. Some of our popular services are Show Nail Services, Nail Extension service, Full Traditional Nail Services, Spa and Treatment Services, Gel Shade (Classic/Express) and more.

Nail art and Nail Extension can also be an appearance of one's character. It is common to see those who a certain association with a group or design actually sport a signature colour for nails. For example Rock and heavy metal artists like wearing black nail polish as a statement, while certain women believe that red fingernails attract the opposite sex.

Latest additions to Basic Nail Art Service in Pune include gems and nail wraps with metallic finishes that are added to nails with the use of heat activation. These new methods for Gel Nail Art and Acrylic Nail Art are ready to go after a few minutes, and actually, take just a fraction of the time that it usually takes when using regular nail polish. Moreover, they last longer too, since designs such as Basic Nail Art Service in PCMC last for a month without being vulnerable to chipping and flaking. Along with the development of Basic Nail Art Service in Pune comes the improvement of nail artists as well; and we're not just referring to manicurists in this situation. Our Nail artists for Basic Nail Art Service in PCMC and Acrylic Nail Art are those who been expertly trained and fantastically experienced in doing their tasks. With Gel Nail Art application demanding a lot of focus and focus, nail artists for Nail Extension are really doing a great job of providing services to people who want to have nails done with style.

There are others who believe that the Basic Nail Art Service in Pune by Merakilous Studio that you choose is a presentation of how you feel during that particular time, and this is also appropriate as to what type of Basic Nail Art Service in PCMC you would like to have on your nails. Whatever feelings can be found your choice of a Gel Nail Art design though, the one thing that is certain is that nail art is truly wonderful and eye-catching.