You probably spend a lot of your time ensuring your skin is smooth with that youthful glow. You may have invested a lot of money into facial items, makeup, and concealing products to hide the faults that may allow you to appear older than your real age. Most women go through this process in order to keep that fresh glow to their cheeks and the glimmer in their eye, but there is something you may be missing: hair treatments!

Our Hair Blowdry / Thermal Setting, Smoothning and Hair Colour and Highlights are carried out by our expert stylists, using innovative lotions and chemicals from industry-leading brands. What’s more, each Haircut (Basic and Advance) in Pune appointment begins with a complimentary consultation, during which our beautician will explain the procedure, and also provide some top tips on aftercare and preservation.

Hair is the most wonderful feature of a person. Hair Blowdry / Thermal Setting can do or die your look, which is why looking after those lovely hairs is important. After each hair Rebonding, Smoothning and Hair Colour and Highlights service, you render at the Merakilous studio, you’ll see a significant positive change in your hair’s texture and style.

The Merakilous studio provides the best of Keratin Treatment and Haircut (Basic and Advance) in Pune to create your hair lavish, healthy, bouncy and beautiful. One cannot say no to our expansive range of hair services like hair colouring, Smoothning, straightening and curling, Hair Colour and Highlights, Hair SPA, hair-styling, hair shampooing and conditioning, and many other hair treatments to create your hair stronger, shinier and thick. After an extended week of hectic work and stressful events, it is okay to just want to relax your brain and your mind with nice Haircut (Basic and Advance) in PCMC. Hair SPA, Keratin Treatment and Blowdry / Thermal Setting is treatment done for healing the damaged hair, building up the weak hair and giving the essential minerals to your hair and your scalp.

Essential oils are massaged into your head to reach the roots and hair follicles. Soon Hair Colour and Highlights followed by a hair mask, shampooing and conditioning will take place to ensure that your tresses are treated right with all the right procedures. We offer the best of Keratin Treatment, Hair SPA and Blowdry / Thermal Setting services for a proper, shiny and lively hair.

If you know your hair is not as healthy as it should be, look at our Hair Colour and Highlights process to match your hair to the right Hair SPA and Keratin Treatment. This is always a better option than buying your treatments in stores on your own since an expert looks at your hair in an appointment and decides exactly what you need to restore wellness to your hair.

Hair SPA treatments and Haircut (Basic and Advance) in PCMC are not one-size-fits-all. You want to use the right strategy for the situation of your hair, and which indicates not guessing at the situation of your hair while standing in a shop. It is worth the time to have an appointment with an expert Haircut (Basic and Advance) in PCMC to determine what you need, how often the treatment should be applied, and the length of it should be left on your hair. Blowdry / Thermal Setting and Haircut (Basic and Advance) in Pune ensures your tresses are never over-processed, which could lead to more issues.

Our Rebonding and Smoothning prices are based on the service provider’s degree of expertise and education. Regardless of previous expert experience, all companies must complete a Rebonding training course at the Merakilous studio.

All haircuts are planned for 45 minutes with our beautician. Some hair types require a longer period such as thicker, longer, or more textured hair. With these considerations, the haircut must be planned for a longer period and will be reflected in the haircut price. When you start using Hair SPA treatments regularly, you see amazing changes in the appearance of your hair. Flat hair starts to come to life, and actually bounces and shines as you move. Damaged hair begins to feel soft and smooth again, and you can actually brush or comb it as you might have done prior to the damage. Split ends heal themselves by Hair SPA treatments and many other hair problems are reversed.

All of this comes from the expert Hair SPA treatments by Merakilous studio. It is not a superficial or temporary boost that might come from using store-bought hair products, such as gels and mousse. You are actually using hair Rebonding treatments and Haircut (Basic and Advance) in PCMC to create your hair much healthier. It is much healthier from the roots down to the ends, and it affects the structure of the hair at your cellular level. That means long-term health, bounce, body and shine as long as you continue to use a Haircut (Basic and Advance) in Pune.